The interview


Through this project, I learned not only more about success, but also more about my father. Although I've grown up listening to his long ramblings on success and the future, he shared several things about himself and his own success that I never knew. In Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, Gladwell portrass success to be the result of culture, curcumstance, and hard work. Everything my father said closely correlated with the teachings in Outliers, but he placed more emphasis on what a person can do themselves instead of what their environment does to them. Specifically, he believes that the most critical thing to obtaining success is finding the right skill and mastering it. Moving forward, I think I'll pay better attention to what the task at hand, whatever it is, requires and what I can develop in myself from it.
Below are the interview quesions as well as the notes that go along with them. To get a better look at them, right click on the image and select "View Image." At the very bottom is the audio of the interview.